SWS_Book_LPublished by Thames & Hudson,

‘Standing with Stones, a photographic journey through megalithic Britain & Ireland’

is an enthusiast’s guide to many of the lesser known megalithic sites of the UK and Ireland.

We had always planned to produce a book alongside the film and Rupert was thrilled when Thames & Hudson agreed to publish it – and even more so when Timothy Darvil agreed to write the foreword. The book is divided into regions, and each site featured is given its Ordnance Survey grid reference. Some, like Stonehenge and Newgrange, are well known and often visited, but many, such as Fernworthy and Bleasdale, are remote and barely known. Rupert’s stunning and original photographs act as windows into the past, which, together with his engaging and accessible text, encourage the reader to think afresh about the meaning and purpose of these monuments and at the same time open the eyes of travellers and enthusiasts to the great wealth and variety of henges, circles, dolmens, barrows and standing stones across the British Isles.

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